Coconino HS
2801 N. Izabel St
Flagstaff, AZ 86004


From Phoenix (Freeway version) - I-17 North to Flagstaff. Approaching Flagstaff junction to I-40 east - towards Winslow/Albuquerque. Exit I-40 on Butler. Turn right on Butler. Turn left at 4th Street (you can only go left and it will be the first left after Black Barts). Take 4th Street all the way to the light at Cedar/Lockett (Cedar to the left/Lockett to the right). Turn left on Cedar. Turn left on West St (the first left). Turn right on Dortha (the first right). You should now be facing Coconino HS. Turn right on Izabel and pull into the north parking lot.

From Phoenix (through town version) - I-17 North to Flagstaff. I-17 turns into Milton. Take Milton into Flagstaff - Milton will turn into Route 66 when you go under the RR overpass and pass Granny's Closet). Continue on Route 66 and turn left on Switzer Canyon Dr. (this will be a light with a Fry's and Albertson's on both corners). Turn right on Turquoise (just past the car dealerships and a church - it will look like you are turning into a neighborhood). Turn right on to Cedar (a light - it is a big hill). Turn right on West Street (West St is a light at the bottom of the hill). Turn right on Dortha. Turn right onto Izabel and pull into the north parking lot.