Arizona Region
18 Club Region Championships
May 3, 2003

Pool Play

Coaches Meeting 7:30 am, Play begins at 8 am

Pool 18A Pool 18B Pool 18C
Highland HS Highland HS Highland HS
1. Starlings N. Arizona 17's 2. Zona 18-2 3. Navajo Jrs. 18's
14. AZ Rage 18-Red 13. Club Cruz 17's 12. High Altitude 17's
15. Arrowhead 18-Jenny 16. AZ Sky 17-1 17. Club Digz 18's
Pool 18D Pool 18E Pool 18F
Interstake Center Interstake Center Highland HS
4. Club Cochise 18's 5. Mesa 17's 6. Lone Cronies 18's
11. Starlings Tempe 18's 10. St. Team AZ 18's 9. Molten 18-Black
18. Sedona Jrs. 18's 19. Team United 17-1 20. Club Cactus 17-2
Pool 18G    
Interstake Center    
7. Club Salsa 18's    
8. Verde Valley 18's    
21. Black Mountain 18's    

Match Play:  All matches are 2 out of 3 to 25, third game to 15, no caps.

Format:  Pool play followed by a single elimination bracket with consolation matches for place. Teams may travel to the other site for the single elimination bracket play with consolation matches. 

Overall seed is listed before team name above.

Top 1-3 teams will be asked to play in the Open Regionals on May 10th (number will depend on the number of teams needed to fill tournament to 24 teams).

Region T-shirts will be sold at all sites for $15.  Checks accepted.

Awards will be given to 1st and 2nd places in the Gold Division only.

Championship Round matches will be played at the following sites:

Gold Division:  Highland HS - places 1-7
Silver Division:  Highland HS - places 8-14
Bronze Division:  Interstake Center - places 15-21

Updated 04/28/2003